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Could someone please help me understand the introduction of Ascended items?

  • GW2 loses market differentiation. Being grind-free (or grind-optional) was what drew many people to it. Now it’s just a generic grindy MMO that is actually very inadequate compared to the real grindy ones.
  • Playerbase that does not want grind is alienated. This is unfortunately the loyal playerbase that would have ensured the longevity of the game because there are few alternatives available, and they were already enjoying what the game offered.
  • Playerbase that wants grind will continue to want more grind and will continue to demand for higher and higher stats.
  • The gem store sells cosmetic and convenience items. Presumably players who care about vanity items would be the ones that buy from the store. If gearscores become primary and cosmetics become secondary to the gameā€”gem store loses out. Unless the store starts selling things like infusion boosters or Ascended-item-finder boosters. But this borders on being pay-to-win if infusion and Ascended items are necessary for completing Fractals.
  • Doesn’t this drain players from all other areas? Level 80 players would be grinding Fractals non-stop because that’s where you get the high-end items. Fractals become the new Cursed Shore (omg Lost Shores, Cursed Shore, it all makes sense now). Dungeons and all other areas become obsolete. This is a drastic reduction of content, and doesn’t help in player retention.

I’m sure the developers have a good idea of why they are doing this, but I don’t, so could somebody please help me out? I love this game, but I don’t understand why they are doing this.

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Hello everybody,
please refer to the existing merged thread for this topic.
Thanks for your feedback.