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“thank you very much for your feedback!”

Ok so… I take a look at the forum and all i see from the staff is

“thank you very much for your feedback!”

Hmm… so much hate towards the new patch and all we see is :

“thank you very much for your feedback!”

However we all know that you are just trying to dust the whole situation under the carpet as to speak..

You think that a couple of days into the patch we will all just forget and get on with the game and be happy.

Well to the devs… We DO NOT forget!

you should have taken heed of SWTOR and how they interacted with their community. If you haven’t forgotten the community is the thing that keeps a MMO from going down or staying good.

Lock this.. infract me all you want.

At the end of the day if i wanted to play a gear progression game i would go back and play wow as it does it a lot better.

Thank you for your time.

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Hello everybody,
this thread is not constructive and therefore, it will be locked.
Thanks for understanding.