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I currently attend uneveristy , and i’m constantly playing guild wars 2 mostly on my free time in uni or at home.

I decided to install my guild wars 2 on laptop and got it in my car , long story short some idiot decided to leave his ciggarete right on the back couch , came back 4 hours after class found my car whole seat burned out and nearly the front seats too.

My guild wars 2 game box was totally burned as well as the CD totally un usable anymore.

Aswell as my Android phone + wallet +project work.

Now this is where it even gets worse.

I’m moving to another country perm in nearly a month , i still can login my gw2 account without an authenitcator.

Now , this is where i’m pulling my hair out.

I cannot disable the authenticatior cause well , my phone is a piece of burned metal now.

The game box containing the serial code is dust.

And im moving in a month which means it’s like a death countdown till the end (hopefully not) of my gw2 account.

P.S : I have a twilight.

Is there ANY information i can give , extensively to support to recover this incident and get back my serial code.

I contacted the retailer over here , and he cannot help me AT ALL. I currently study in Kuwait , and to say the least the PC shops are not as professorial as the ones in the US or CA etc+

Arenanet , please help.

800+ hours into the game and a legendary , and i don’t want to end it like this.

Sorry for wall of text , but im seriously , seriously upset.

Final update:

I have removed the authenticator from the “[email protected]” Guild Wars 2 game account.

For instructions on how to re-activate this feature on the account, as well as other information about two-factor authentication, read the article at the following link:

Title: Guild Wars 2 Two-Factor Authentication
URL: https://en.support.guildwars2.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9238"

For once in a LONG LONG LONG time , i am very happy with a company’s support. They have been absolutely fantastic and straight forward. Thank you a million times Arenanet!

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I’m sorry to for what happened to you. Our customer support will be able to help you regarding this problem, so please send them a request by clicking here.

Also, please check this page for more information about how to unlink your broken phone with your account.


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I am sorry to hear of the accident, and glad this worked out for you.