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People are making me pissed off with their whinings so much so I decited to show them something that they cannot see for some unknown reason. New tier of gear introduced – oh my god I think am gonna hang myself!

Do you already know how easy or hard it might be to get it? Of course you don’t. Whining around is not gonna help anyone, wait for the moment when you actually see it implented into game.

This is just the same like rare->exotic, it’s just one tier higher, well actually it’s like 1/10 of tier, since the stat increase is so low that you have no chance to see any difference while playing. If you look better on pic comparing old ring and one you will see that the values comming from old orb just transmuted into the item that got free slot for new upgrade comming for new dungeon – it will have no real use in whole world just in that kitten instance = no reason to panic.

You are upset that you won’t be the best with no effort? Well, I understand you and hope that you will get a lesson. Anet promised one thing, that you will don’t have to grind for best gear and thats true. So far I see that people dare to call getting current dungeon gear grinding. WHAT A JOKE. Seriously, you have no idea what does real grind means. Just be happy with your game as it is, trust me this is most noob friendly mmo I have ever seen.

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Hello Spiky,
in order prevent this thread from simply derailing, it will now be locked.
Thanks for you feedback and understanding.