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Hey guys,

I’ll make it simple. My friends don’t play PvP, so when i want to, i have to play by myself. Thats fine. Hotjoin’s 8v8 is chaotic and a zergfest. So I’m left with tournaments. The problem is, we singles who join with a bunch of people whom we don’t know, nor have means to communicate other than the chat pannel are matche up with full teams, guilds and such.

I have never won a tournament match against a full team. Ever. Thats about 50% of the games I play. It is getting tiresome. Please craft a system where its like this:

singles vs singles
3 plus 2 singles vs 3 plus 2 singles

you get the point.

i imagine full teams will spend a lot of time go get into tournaments, so make those cross server and you’re done.

thank you, sincerely,
a humble tyrian

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Thanks for your feedback guys. We’re definitely looking at solutions to this problem. There is a lot of work we have planned for PvP, it’s just a matter of prioritizing it all in a way we feel will most benefit the community.