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To Moderator: Before you close or delete mod, please know that I’m not appealing an infraction. I have a question/bug to report concerning them. The infraction I did receive will go away with time (I think) so it doesn’t bother me as I try not to do things that cause it on a regular basis!

Okay on to my point.

Yesterday there were 2 threads that were on similar topics. They were done by 2 separate people, who both wanted input. I did post in response to both, the answers were similar but not the same. Sometime last night these threads were merged. After the merge, I now had what could be seen as a repeat post in this single thread. (similar but not the same post) Because one of these had to be deleted to keep the thread clean, I was given an infraction.

Now, I have to ask. Are infractions automatic when post is deleted? If that is the case, it doesn’t really make sense to me, seeing as sometimes posts would be deleted for innocuous reasons.

Also, If infractions are not automatic with post deletion, why would you infract someone for something that would not have been infractible so to speak until after the thread was merged, when both posts were made before?

Now like I said, I don’t really care that I was infracted. My main concern is that there are people out there, who probably use forums just as much as I do, and post in several different threads, some of them to the same type of topic. Isn’t it like infracting someone for being an active forum user? People don’t use search and multiple threads do pop up. Sometimes people will respond to answer many different people who have the same question… wouldn’t some of these people be infracted multiple times, just for answering the same question in different threads?

I would figure that the topic starter, should be the one receiving the infractions since they didn’t use the search option…

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This thread has more than run its course so shall be closed. Please keep in mind that discussion of moderation is not allowed. Learn more about the reasoning behind our infraction process here: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/news/A-Message-About-the-Infraction-System

If you wish to dispute any forum action, please send an email to [email protected] Arena.net rather than post about it here. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!