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Thats sad but my patient gone. I will ask for refund in my account and terminate that. Thats insane how Arena Net support take care about your clients. Theres nothing o agreements about “NCSoft can block/ban/suspend your account any time, with a reason, and donĀ“t tell nothing for you”. This the limit for me. I loved by this game but this service is ridiculous… And I know.. the Moderator soon will come here and close my topic and move/merge. Thats sad. NCSoft are joking with my money, time and patience. Im here to have fun, not to be mad. Im changing game right now and good luck for who stay here waiting for the rest of you life.

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Your account may have been compromised and the “closure” was put in place to try to protect you. Please do contact Support and they will try to help.