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Are there any plans for rewards from WvW?

I’d love to see some incentives for people to participate and for guilds to take, upgrade and defend strategic points.


1. when a guild takes a point, the NPC’s should display the guild emblem and Tag.

2. guild influence could be earnt based on the duration a point is held and allow guild influence to be spent via the quartermaster on upgrades; and

3. allow guilds and players to earn ranks in WvW as in sPvP – with some sort of reward at each rank.

Love to hear other suggestions as well.

WvW is great fun but to keep it viable you really need to incentivise it and it’s important to do that before enthusiasm wanes not after.

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I can’t say too much just yet, but we’re doing some work related to rewards and character progression in WvW even now. It will be a little while before we’re ready to talk about more details though. Rewards, progression, and incentives for play are hot topics around the office. We all care about this stuff and once we have some more details hammered out we’ll let you all know what we’re up to.