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Regional FlagHow long until GW2 will become a p2w game?Source
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I play too many mmos, and all where the same:

opening – “we are diferent then others”
6 monts – we implement this “unreequired” option for more competitive players cough cash spenders*cough*
9-12 months – if you wanna win you need to pay

We all see this new “progression” and we all know where that progression leads :pay to win. Question is how long?

(not to mention how many minutes it takes for this post to be deleted)

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There won’t be any “pay to win” system in GW2. This is absolutely against our philosophy of having fun in a game. The shop is only here to buy things that are not a must have in order to evolve and enjoy Guild Wars 2 at its maximum potential, and it will stay like this.

I close this thread.