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    Why else the game can do no illegal procedure? But you can not? Do the thinking about thinking about your own fault. Do not blindly take us to blow off steam. You do not casually stop our account, but to find ways to eradicate illegal procedures, if you continue to do this, then this game will only doomed, because no one would dare to play, because you will stop to our chaos! Ability to crack down on illegal program, please do not hurt us, okay!
  We have to use video to record the course of the game.? Then wait to be mistaken closure were used as evidence? So if you can only sue!
I thought that only China before so I did not expect you to do, you would fear us accusing it?You also realize his mistake it?Actually delete my post?Ability to wipe out the illegal program.Do not consistent to oppress our consumers, we do not use illegal procedures to our right, your error casually stop our account, you have to be responsible for your actions.Your conscience is black it?You guys do not think we do not know, God in heaven watching you, if you continue to go wrong, only to go to hell, heaven can not tolerate you!

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Hello Waxili,
thank you for your feedback.