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I know there are a lot of people upset now… But why? Really? What have just happend that made so upset? Is it becouse AN just announced that the newest update will contain… Purple RING!? No? So maybe becouse it is slightly more powerfull then the exotic one? Hmm… So how much more powerfull is it? Lets take a look…

My level 80 guardian has 1500 power – so it’s just low as hell (and still I can do any dungeon whithin the game). And so called scary as hell ring will give my guardian additional 5 above that what can give him exotic ring. So that gets my character 0,003 more powerfull then those without the Ascended Ring of Uther Apocalypse!

Above that there were ALWAYS items better then others! Whites are weeker then blues and blues are weeker then greens. Level 79 character is weeker then level 80 character.

New items does not change a THING! They change NOTHING! They are just another type of achievement.
And did you ever played gw1? There were locations where you need armor infusion or exact class and exact build. How is the ring any different then that?

ANT did a lot work making you all feel equal when playing PvP (where ascended gear probibly will never appear). They even scale your level and gear when playing PvE! And you still think that they just want to throw that all away? Think again.

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Please keep all the discussion about Ascension Gear in the following thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Thoughts-on-Ascended-Gear-Merged-threads

By doing so, it is ensured that all the feedback is located quickly and efficiently.