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I logged on today for some of my dungeon running, and.. felt so uninspired. Why bother? It’s all going to be second rate soon, anyway. I might not want these skins OR these stats by the time they’re done rolling out another tier. I -was- going to transmute myself a new ‘damage’ set of gear… and now, in my mind, it’s, “Why bother?” I’m going to need my stones for when the best gear actually comes out – and who knows when that’ll be? All of my time spent in dungeons or elsewhere until then will be utterly wasted. In other words, I’m made to wait for the gear I want and everything else ingame in the meantime is rendered obsolete, rendered a waste of my time when I know I’ll only be left to replace it soon anyway.

Ultimately, I logged off without doing anything. I read up on other games like Vindictus and Tera before eventually going back to LOL and I had a good time tonight at home without GW2 while I ponder my other options. I’ll find something else, and by the time they roll out the ‘real’ next set of gear I might have moved on.

They’ve tried to please everyone and instead alienated the core of their fanbase. They’re going to look back on this and wonder, “What the hell were we thinking?”

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Hello everybody,
thanks for your comments and feedback.