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I just wanted to say goodbye. Doesn’t look like Anet will be reversing this decision any time soon. (I think you can guess the one I mean.) So, that’s it for this kitten.

Did I need to make a new topic for this? Probably not, but I wanted to know that at least one person would read what will presumably be my final message here – even if that person is only the mod who deletes it.

I’ve discovered a few things I’ve disliked about GW2 over the past few months, but I kept pumping money into the gem store because I liked the game overall and – perhaps more importantly – had faith in the team. Now, though, I feel… betrayed. This is not what I signed on for.

Leaving aside whether the new tier is objectively good or bad for the game (though needless to say, I feel it’s the latter), this is not what we were promised. The trust is gone.

This isn’t a ragequit. I am not a ragequitter. This will be the first time I’ve ever left an MMO out of anything other than boredom. I’m sad to do it, but unless and until Anet does something to restore my faith in their commitment to their mission statement (a prospect the appears increasingly unlikely), it appears Red Stieg, Caedhwynn, Brytania et al will be cooling their heels.

TL;DR: So long, and thanks for all the quaggans.

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Hello Cenobite.

Thanks for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team.