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I have posted this in another thread, but in hopes for more people reading it, I have make it a thread starter on its on.As someone who rarely post and visit forum, I want this to illuminate how an outsider views all these bickering, useless whining that is generated by the forum community.

This post is directed at the people who are worried/ complaining/ angry about the Ascended gear that’s coming out, at the people who cry about being lied to and at the people who wants to boycott gem purchase and events because they think Anet is introducing a treadmill.

Lemme ask you something first.

Are you one of the devs? Because unless you are one, then everything you have stated are pure speculation. You don’t actually know what this ‘other reward’ they’re giving you in the future is, and you just assume its more gear with better stats for you to grind . Nor do you know if they are actually basing the reward on replicating a treadmill (which would be stupid, as they have already stated in the same post that they aren’t going to roll out a better set of gear every 3 month in their post)

Everything you see wrong, everything you are scared that might happen, are merely produced by a lack of faith on your part. You panicked – like I did – when you saw a new tier coming out. You immediately assumed Anet has abandoned its core philosophy, which might not be the case. And its been 3 days. 7000 posts have been created. Time to get over it.

This is exactly why I hate coming to this forum particularly as of now.

Everything everyone says are all speculation. They are twisting the developers word into something far more sinister, in hopes to induce mayhem so they could find belongings within a larger crowd. Everything feels like the mob effect to me.

Nothing the dev said ever indicated a gear treadmill. In fact, they have continuously assure you that it is not their intention to created a treadmill, but you refuse to believe because you think you have been lied to.

Once again, I’m just going to say this.
You need to wake up.

Nothing is concrete yet. Think about what you actually know.

Do you actually know the ascended gears are better than Exotic? Do you actually know how the agony buff is going to work? Do you actually know anything about the new gating mechanic, about the new dungeon, about infusion and how it is going to work?


You only have 3 screenshots, which actually tells very little about what is coming and can be misinterpreted and misleading depends on how you view these screenshot. You don’t even know what infusion look like. Whining about a mechanic is one thing, whining about something that you know nothing about, and isn’t even out yet, is downright ridiculous.

And when there are so many people crying on forum about something they don’t even know about, something they only speculate what its going to be without knowing what they’re actually getting, The community seems disgusting, and ridiculous, and childish, and whiny.

And pathetic.

I hope you read everything, don’ t get offended, and hopefully take it as something of a critical criticism of the way forum has been the past few days- though you probably won’t. I have very little faith in forum goers these-adays.

I will not be replying this thread. I’m done. If you like it bump it. If you don’t, see if I care. At the end of the day, it seems to me everything is pure whine on these forums anyway and the rare, constructive posts always gets drowned in angry tears.

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Hello Kript.

Thank you very much for your feedback.