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Title says it all. I am glad I got to play 2 months worth of a game, 15+ hours a week, and feel I got my money’s worth when compared to most games I’ve spent this kind of money on, so this game is a winner for me.

That being said, I’ve run out of things to do that I enjoy. The WvWvW situation, for me, doesn’t work. my system can play this game very well for PvE but I can’t handle 20+ players on screen. sPvP is … well, its not enjoyable being ganked in 2-3 seconds. I know I know, L2P. I get it, I could make these encounters last 5-10 seconds longer if I only knew what I was doing … but that is still much too fast for my taste

So, with PvP out of the question for me (and I am a PvPer at heart), and PvE content completed, this leaves me with little option but to wait it out for the next expansion or something similar. I hope until then that most of the bugs/culling/class imbance get fixed. I hope ANet gives rangers some love, and most of all, I do hope that everyone else that plays this games continues to do so because they love it, not because its become a job.

Take care for now, Imma go play some assassin’s creed III for a while!


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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for all your contributions. As this thread does not really offer any meaningful discussion about GW2, we will proceed to close it.

Thanks for your understanding.