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So I’ve sent two invites out to friends whom are interested in trying Guild Wars 2.

One friend clicked on the linked and has downloaded the game. It accepted the serial he created his account/display name and got a congratulations email for joining: But gets this error when trying to log into his account:

“Your serial code was already registered with a Guild Wars 2 account”

“You have not applied a retail serial code to your account and the grace period has ended. …”

- then it just says he can’t play until he obtain’s a retail serial.

The other friend clicked on the link, he said it accepted the serial code and is now downloading at 30%. So we are not sure if he is going to have the same issues.

I eagerly look forward to figuring this out so my friends can play on the 15th.

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Please note: You can register a trial account and download now, but you will not be able to join the event until Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (which is 5:00 GMT or 6:00 PM CET). The “error message” that you’re getting is awkward, and we apologize for that! But what it’s basically telling you is, “Please come back when the trial event starts.”