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Coin Flunk.3024
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My account name was ‘no f in luck’. I sent a ticket several weeks ago asking if i could change this and whether there was an option to do so. (So i took the proactive stand to look into this issue.) I’ve just logged into the name and my account name is now ‘Coin Flunk.3024’.

1) I Guess my name is changed due to the insensitive nature of my old account name? (I’m happy if this is the case, as i asked for it to be changed.)

2) Anet, would this have been one of you who changed it? As i’ve done nothing differently my end.

3) May i pm one of you an account name for it to be changed too? ‘Coin Flunk.3024’ means nothing to me and i’m likely to forget it, could i atleast request an account name; after all this is the core name through all my characters and it’s what all my friends on my friends list know me as.

Basically i’m asking did you change my account name? – I was a little bit disappointed it has been changed and no private message was sent to me telling me why.

Could i request a new name, otherwise i’m going to have to purchase a new copy of the game and set up a new account name that i want. I don’t want to do this as i’ve put so much work into this account.



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What was the ticket number that you submitted self-reporting this name?