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Regional Flagtickets being removed without a responseSource
Natsu Dragneel.1625
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well lets see here, yesterday morning, shortly after logging in, my account had been banned for that “botting/macro” kitten, even though i have never botted or macro’s before.

now, the first thing i did was send in a ticket to them addressing this, as it was completely riciculous that i had even been banned in the first palce (see attatchments for picture with referance number)

now after spending the entire day watching the forums and talking with people, as my day had been completely ruined because i was unable to play, i wake up and guess what my ticket nolonger exists not even a warning, email, notification or anything, they just removed the ticket so it is nice to see how anet is handeling this, they bann thousands of legitimate players, (myself included) then they jsut remove all their tickets, that is just like a big kitten you from anet.

now lets look past that and see why i would even be banned in the first place

the day i was banned, i had logged in did one DE event and got black screened, so im fairly sure it was not then. so lets look at the previous 2 days, the only days in my entire 500 hours of play, where i had spent any resonable amount of time in the cursed shore, farming for money, because i had lost it all previously in the forge. now the first day, i spent most of my time in several different parties bots dont join parties do they? running the plinx chain, now the entire time i was there i was talkign ot people, in my guild, the map chat and in the party what bot could possible hold conversations with multiple people for hours on end? NONE, thats jsut more proof that i was actually at my computer playing at the time so that day ended after a quick run up to jormag (no luck from the chest there, just a bunch of greens), as well as running some CoF in the morning and later on, then back to the cs for a few more events before i hit the sack.

so, that leaves the next day. lets see, it is exactly teh same as before, however i decided to try running the pent/shelter DE events, so, throughout the day i went afk several times for a coupel of different reasons, and even took a couple of hour-ish breaks every now and then. as for the time spent there, it is the same as the previous day, i spent the time talkign to more people again, what bot talks to people? you cant automate a fluid coversation like that

so i guess all that is left would be my “repedative” actions on the events right? well lets see, not once, on any of the events, had i repeted the exact same action at the same time in the same place, im fairly sure i was randomly all over the place what bot does completely random actions through events in an unpredicatble order? dont they jsut follow the same set patterns from mobs?

well now, the first attatchment is when i had submitted teh ticket, the second is a screen from now, where the ticket nolonger exists.

i will be submitting another ticket, because that is just beyond the joke.

thank you for your time if you read this,


Natsu D

edit: new referance number #121114-000115

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Please — there are a lot of threads to read, can you give me a Clif Note on this?

Basically, I looked at your account, based on the one ticket and you have only one ticket in the system. That ticket is still open, so what is the issue… briefly?