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The Halloween “skin” items will no longer drop from black lion chests come Nov.15 as I understand. I’ve bought a few of them hoping to turn a profit as I remember this type of stuff becoming really expensive in GW1 after the holidays ended. Note I’m talking about things like the greatsaw, grinning shield, etc with “skin” in the item name and not the mad moon, crossing, and arachnaphobia weapons which are craftable. Once the end of supply comes on the 15th for those skins, how high do you think they’ll go and when do you think would be the ideal time to sell? Is it worth investing as much as I can?

As an anecdote, the prices already went really high the day before Halloween which I’m guessing people “thought” would be the last day these skins were available in the chests. That day, the majority of the listings for every skin were bought out in the course of only a few hours which was crazy. I kind of expect that to happen again tomorrow??

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So I just don’t think it’s a great short term investment. Give it 6 months and you’ll probably earn a nice profit.

Truth is, supply and demand will dictate that the items will be more profitable as long as other players want the skins. Thus far, other players definitely want them.