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My GW2 account has been hacked twice. The first time is due to my previous email account being compromised and the email with serial code have been deleted by the hacker.

After recovering my account, despite adding security measures like new password and Google authentication, the account has been hacked again by the hackers impersonating me using the serial code. I have requested for Anet to provide a change the login email but the response was too slow. This time round the hacker changed my login email.

Now after recovering the account for the second time and changing the email for login. I realised the hacker can just request a change of email or reset password by impersonating me. I requested for a change of serial code but instead the customer service replied me with security measures which I have already tried but failed to keep my account secure.

Please stop helping the hackers steal my account. I would like a change of serial code (which I don’t even have now). I am tired of playing tug of war with the RMT hackers to gain control of my account.

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Please discuss this with Support. If you have an existing ticket, you can update to make this request. Thanks.