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Regional Flagname change and account suspensionSource
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My account was suspended for 72 hours from inappropriate character name and I do not know if this is because of the account name or the names of the toons (some my toons have the last name “cleavage”, double meaning I guess….)

I wasn’t aware that these names were in violation of anet’s policies, and I had used them in other games I previously played as well as registered them for gw2 when I first started, during the headstart weekend.

I’m willing to change these names to other desirable names that are not in conflict with anet policies, but unaware that there was any way to do so. Will need a little assistance here if possible.

I had submitted a ticket and received no respond. This is the number I got from the autoreply: [Incident: 121114-001848]

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Any characters — and there are several — that are marked as offensive will not be playable until your suspension expires and you are able to log in. Therefore, you’ll be able to rename the characters when you can log back into the game. In the meantime, the user name will be changed this evening.