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I had to wait seven days to get the privilege of having my purchase of GW2 be called fraudulent. Excellent support there.

Clearly the issue was/is on your side anyway since my card works fine everywhere else, hell I think I might just use it to go buy a game from another company… One thing is almost guaranteed, I will not spend my money on buying GW2.

The extremely slow support response and the issues many users seem to have currently has convinced me of that. Hell, i’d probably be banned for botting ten minutes after making my first character despite the fact that I lack the know how at the time to write a bot program or utilize it, and then have to wait another week or more before having the issue resolved that I did in fact not use a bot program.

Well, at least my money is not stuck in “Pending/Reserved” anymore, so I can finally spend it on a product I can use.
One week wasted for nothing…

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I am sorry that you were not helped more quickly. We’re having difficulty getting paid by financial institutions while at the same time noting an increase in fraud, so we are necessarily acting with caution.

Again, I’m very sorry.