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Heyo. Last couple of days, I’ve noticed that there are issues with the ‘visibility’ of dev communication on the webpage – really most noticeable in the thread on ascended gear, where a lot of posters seem unaware of the latest arenanet communication; and I’d like to make a few suggestions.

First off, I note that the suggestion for a ‘jump to next official post’ button has already been made, and I highly approve of the idea.

Second off.. the dev tracker. Two things. It’s absolutely clogged with support tickets, and having a place to track support tickets is important – but we should perhaps have a separate ‘support tracker’ section just so that discussion about broader game issues is more visible. Second thing is that ‘news and announcements’ should pop up in the dev tracker itself – or they could be stickied at the top of the forums in general. It’s been a full day since the latest dev communication on the issue in the thread I mentioned, and many people are still completely unaware of the statement made yesterday!

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Hello Lheimroo,

of course the two suggestions make a lot of sense and will be forwarded to the team today. Thanks!