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Regional FlagSo.... When the PATCH will be up?Source
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First of all – i will be using european time zones because im from europe.

We all know that Lion Arch event will start on 16 November at 9PM CET…
We all know that Free Trial starts today at 6PM CET


when the ‘real’ patch will come? Patch with all new content and clas changes and game changes? Im much more interested in current game changes and fixing broken stuff than in a new content and one time event.

When the servers will go down for patching? When we can read the patch notes? How long downtime will be? Etc… Etc…

I dont understand why An is so quiet about this thing a day before big update.

Or maybe i cant find this info. Then sorry and plz links.

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Hello everyone.

We understand your feelings but creating post in the forums like this one does not help. The patch will arrive in due time and you all will be properly informed about it through the official channels.

We close the thread now.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.