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So i have taken an extended brake from playing my GW2 (about a month or more i would guess) and finally came back today. After attempting to log in to find out that my account had attempted to be hacked I changed the password and after some frustration got it all hammered out.

this is where things really get me upset. when i go to log into my account it says that it has been “terminated” for “botting” activity. so now i have no account because someone hacked my account and “botted”.

I never broke the rules but i get an account deletion without so much as an E-mail saying that there was something up. i have never felt so cheated. obviously i have put in a ticket, but from what i read they are rarely handled with anything other than the general answer of some rule quote and a wave as they forget you exist. i would love to actually call a help line but they don’t have one that i can find, they don’t even have a place where you can talk via messenger with someone.

this whole thing really steams my buns

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Hello everyone.

Seamouse, we understand your frustration. But as Kumu Honua points out, a great deal of players are getting their accounts back. The process can take time because it is done manually. If you sent a ticket, then rest assured that Customer Support will restore your account. Just wait a little bit, please, till it gets fixed.

If your ticket goes unanswered for three days, please, post your reference number in the following thread.

We proceed to lock this one.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.