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I was wrongfully banned for “botting” 2 days back, and my account was restored just recently. I then get an error known as “Grace period has ended!” as well as. Then it was resolved again. I thought all will be well but right after spending some time in WvWvW after getting back in, I get disconnected again right in the midst of it for “terminated for engaging in or assisting with gold or item sales for real-world money”.

This is honestly getting old. Only assisting with gold or item sales for real-world money would be me throwing real-world money at your gem store.

Any help or assistance with this will be appreciated.

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Hello everyone.

Escthiil, we are sorry to hear that as we understand how much this affects your gaming experience. However, you need to write again a ticket to Customer Support as the forums will not help you resolving this issue. Loli Ruri is pointing out the right direction: the more details you give, the quicker and better they can help you and your account.

We proceed to close the thread.
Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconveniences.