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We’re an EU guild who are considering a move to Fort Aspenwood (the US server) to provide a tactical presence in their WvW during non-NA prime time.

In short, we’re 150 strong – whilst that can make a difference we are looking for other EU/Oceanic guilds that are considering a similar move OR members to join us in this quest.

So if you are:

-A guild leader/officer who is already considering this
-One of the above who would propose this to your guild
-An EU player who is interested in joining The Asgards[Asg] to assist us in providing this night shift.


Would welcome (educated) opinions and ideas below and will happily respond to PMs or replies here should you be interested.

As a brief rundown I’ve moved across as a “scouting party” and have been in contact with guild leaders from the NA prime time active WvW guilds. So far the response has been encouraging and the WvW scores are reflective of the servers dedication to a coordinated effort. The map paints an amazing picture during prime-time however as they openly admit they have a limited non-NA prime time presence. In my opinion this server has everything it takes to go up a couple of tiers IF they get the right level of support in these times.

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Hello everyone.

Let´s try to keep the conversation on topic. Please, do not derail into unnecessary remarks about the use of English of other players as this has nothing do to with the discussion at hand.