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Not sure if this is the right section if not move it to bug reports, but when I hover my mouse over the WvW icon it does not show any of the bonuses, is this normal? Why am I not receiving any bonuses at all?

I’ve been on JQ since day 1, transfered to SBI 12 days ago , then to HoD 11 days ago for completion purposes, and have been back on JQ since Oct 4th. A full week back with no bonuses.

I can tell the bonuses are not working because my life at level 80 in lions arch has not changed since friday, I am not even getting the 10% robust (life) bonus.

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Hello everyone.

As VanishingLight has correctly stated, it is a known bug inside the team and they are working to fix it. We ask you to keep on visiting the fore-mentioned thread and have a little bit of patience until the fix arrives.

We proceed to close this thread.
Thank you very much for your understanding.