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Okay so I bought game like 2 days ago. It isn’t this thread point but anyway.
I registered code and started downloading patch.
Well meanwhile I came up with the idea to read forums while waiting.

Well there is alot of threads speaking about bans and such, so is it safe to play now?
Somebody said that saying “Gold” word gets you banned.
What you can say / do that won’t you get banned? And of course following game rules won’t get you banned, but you know what I meant.

Is it safe to play now? Will you get banned anymore? (Well if you don’t break any rules.)

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Hello Henqquli,

first of all, welcome to Tyria and the official forums!

Answering to your question: of course it is safe to play! As Fiontar is pointing out, the bans are happening to a very tiny portion of the players base (in any case, Customer Support works to restore those accounts that were wrongfully banned). You only need to follow the rules and everything will be fine.

Enjoy your experience in Tyria!!!