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Since instances are being randomised in the new Fractal dungeon, does anyone else fear that people will reset the dungeon until they get an easy instance?

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It’s certainly a possibility, but we feel that doing so will be very inefficient. Three islands must be completed between trips back to the hub area that saves your progress and advances you to the next level. You could certainly keep retrying to get your very first island to be an “easier” one, or one that you prefer over others, but if you try to quit the next island in hopes of going to a new one you will have to complete all 3 again. This would mean you’d have to get the preferred ones three times in a row with a possibility of 9 different islands. We feel the odds are so low in doing that, that you will run whatever island you get.

Also, in terms of difficulty, we tried our best to balance them accordingly. While some are shorter than others, or have different puzzle elements, we feel that you won’t be trying to quit tougher ones in favor for easier ones.