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I’ve played this game everyday since pre-release. I am 2 dungeons away from completing my Dungeon Master title. Unfortunately as it’s looking that won’t ever happen.

Last night I experienced the 3 major issues plaguing dungeons currently. Especially the higher level ones. I get about 4 hours a night to play so I need to be efficient with my time. So I decided to try an work on Arah.

1) I get a full party to go to Arah for path 4. Oh gates aren’t open spend about 30 minutes doing events to open them.

2) After entering the dugeon and it’s going great we get almost to Lupicus and the person that zoned us in had to leave. Kicks entire party and reset zone.

FIX THIS. This is absolutely ridiculous and should have been fixed a week after release. Congratulations on wasting an hour of my time.

So now its been an hour and half. We start over with a new person.

3) We get all the way to Lupicus this time to have him bug. It took us almost another hour to get to him.

FIX YOU DUNGEONS. These are bugging issues that have been posted on for months. MONTHS, and yet they remain broken.

Congratulations you now have wasted close to 3 hours of my time, as it took a tad longer to get to him this time.

Most of the party was fed up and left. I was fed up and left.

Here is the icing on the cake. I had to wait almost a week and half to even enter Arah because the event chain was BUGGED.

I don’t usually complain or whine but im fed up. How can you release new content when you can’t even get your old content to work properly. Should we go ahead and expect the new stuff to be buggy as well?

As people have asked and stated many times with very little to no input from the devs.

Make it so events aren’t required to enter a dungeon. This is ruining it for the casual players. Either the gates and dungeons are closed do to buggy events or there aren’t enough people to do the events.

FIX THE BUGS. A lot of these bugs you have stated are fixed aren’t. What are doing when you say you fixed them and they clearly aren’t?

On a side not AC Hodgins path is at a 75% bug rate for me.

With your new content coming out it will be weeks maybe months before people will do anything else.

/rant off. (didn’t realize I had that much to vent)

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We’ve been actively fixing old content while building new content. We have a team dedicated to fixing bugs found throughout the entire game, and they have been fixing bugs related to dungeons.
Dungeons have had less blocking issues than say open world bugs that stop event chains or break personal stories and keep them from being completed. I’m not saying Dungeons don’t have their problems, but open world issues have more of an impact than the ones in dungeons.

That being said, I am now moving off of the new dungeon team and moving onto the bug fixing team. My focus will entirely be on dungeons, so dungeon problems should be getting more concentrated attention on them.

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I fully realize how frustrating dungeons can be when they break – I run them with my characters and understand very well how annoying it can be.

The fractals dungeon team was comprised of some very fine folks, and I was just one of many. I’m not going to say any names (mainly because I want all those cookies and cakes), but know that there was a group of designers who worked on the Fractals dungeon