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Hi, i would know if there’s a way to use/obtain WvW/PvE equipments in sPvP (I mean armor and weapon with “berserker/rampager/etc” bonus on it) cause in sPvP i have barely halved critical chance and damage (PvP amulet don’t give the same stats of the other gears at all).

P.S.: Once i received more than 9K damage by a Backstab while the max i dealt was about 4K (back critical) to an elementalist, so there will be a way to increase those stats (I ve divinity runes and berserker amulet).

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Hello everyone.

since the original answer of AleK has been answered and the thread has derailed into a negative exchange of retorts between users, which do not offer anything meaningful to the topic at hand, we will proceed to close it.

Thank you for all your contributions and understanding.