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I haven’t been playing for atleast 3 weeks, So I desides to jump in and do some gaming.
Tried to login in but my PW was changed and I thought kitten I’ve been hacked so I recovered it.

I logged in and excpecting my toons to be stripped naked and my bank and my mats gone.

Well only thing missing was the 3 gold, I had 3 gold and 9s to be exact.
So I thought that was weird, my armor and weapons on my main and all my alts could easly give more than 1g a top fo the 3gs I lost.

Here is the thing, I have never been hacked since I started playing MMOs since Meridian59, I have always been careful with mails,passwords,logins, I never download things from wierd places.

Somehow I must have been infected with a keylogger somehow but can’t fathom how, I use Karpersky internet security and have a hardware firewall within my router.
I didn’t get any email notification that my account being loggied in from another location either and I only use that mail to reg games and forums sites.
I have run all sorts of scans, I used search and destroy,malware,windows own scanning tools and used Kapersky search tools and nothing found.

Not much loss to my toons but the feeling of being really odd hacked left me to believe how could I have prevented this or is Anets own database being hacked like SOE got a while back?

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There have been no security breaches on our game or company servers. This truly is an individual case, and I hope you are able to track it down and re-secure your system and your game account. Please contact Technical Support if you need assistance.