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My question is in regards to purchasing the digital version of GW2 for my fiance, I myself already have the boxed copy/disk version I purchased at our local game store.

However to save me a trip to the store am I able to install GW2 to her computer using my disk version and then purchase the digital upgrade to apply to her account? Since essentially all that is needed is a game key code?

Hope this makes sense, basically I’m just trying to eliminate the having to download the essential game files. Not talking about patches.


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If I understand you correctly, the answer would be that you cannot install a standard edition twice, so installing from your CD and then upgrading to the DDU wouldn’t do it. A completely separate and full account needs to be purchased.

If that is what you intend, then yes you could download the game onto the system using your account in order to get the files onto the computer. Where I get a little concerned, though, is when you have the account in your name and she wants to separate it into a second autonomous account. Perhaps one of our players who has done this can help you with advice.