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Hello, I was playing just last night without any issues and have been since launch day. When I tried to open the game today, I receive an error preventing the program to run. Not sure what the problem is. ^^; Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
Thank you! c:

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Hi Nimmi – Could you please post your system specs along with a crash report? If you navigate to Documents\Guild Wars 2 it should be the ArenaNet.log file.

This will give us a better idea of how to diagnose this issue.

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Hi Nimmi, thanks for the report! You have quite a few different error messages popping up in that report, but this one stood out to me in particular:

—> Crash <—
Exception: c0000005
Memory at address 6423f251 could not be read
App: Gw2.exe
Pid: 6312
BaseAddr: 00400000
ProgramId: 101
Build: 16048
Module: OWClient.dll
When: 2012-11-15T19:41:11Z 2012-11-15T13:41:11-06:00
Uptime: 0 days 0:00:06
Flags: 0

You can see where it says “Module” owclient.dll. What this tells me is that the application Overwolf may have an overlay feature that is conflicting with the game client. Do you always have Overwolf running when you play Guild Wars 2?