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To whom it may concern

I bought it from there I don’t see how its my fault that I bought this game and its illegal I bought it from a guild wars site. https://buy.guildwars2.com/en/buy/digital-edition

I cant afford to get another copy and all you say is that you apologize. You are stealing from me, Stealing the right i paid for to play your game.

As a consumer of you product I received a receipt for my purchase of the game $59.99… I have sent the ticket to support. I expect that this profile be made active as of immediately.

I have the Receipt as proof if you would like to see. As a customer it is entitled to receive what is owing to me.



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Please note: If your account was closed, you will have been given a refund. I agree, it’s unsettling to have your account closed and to get the messaging that you receive, which doesn’t make it clear that a refund was processed. But I am told that accounts closed for purchases in our store are receiving a refund.

If you do not see that on your account yet, I would suggest you wait a day or two, or if you wish, you can update your support ticket and discuss with an agent.