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The title may be slightly misleading, since I’m not 100% sure if this bug affects only the Sylvari, but I noticed tonight when swimming underwater, that my Sylvari female was not wearing underwear. I’m providing screenshots of this, along with a screenshot of the armor I was wearing just in case it is tied to the armor.

I didn’t see this reported on the first couple of pages, so I don’t know if its been mentioned.

The last picture shows the armor in question. For all I know, though, it might happen with all armors.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. After further investigation, ProphetSword, what you are seeing is actually the leggings themselves:

If you dye those leggings a different color, you will note that portion of the pants will change color. It looks like your player’s missing underwear because you dyed the pants a similar color to her bark/skin.

Having the straps dyed red and the leggings that beige color gives the illusion of missing pants, but you’ll see that the sylvari skin patterns and bark-like appearance of their skin do not appear in your screenshots.

Saya, if you could provide us with more information on the armor you were wearing when this happened (all 6 pieces by name), and what graphics settings your game is set to, that would really help us out!