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i want my old password back …
i dont care if it you believe it’s not safe, i ve been playing mmo’s since UO with the same passes all along, 15 years right.

now i was thinkin no prob, i change it so they stop givin the message and then i ll go back to my old password, well i cant… but i want it back !

so plz, is there a way ?

in advance, thx for your understanding

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If the system will not accept your password, it’s because the password is known to be public — stolen through a breach of another company’s security — or it’s so simple that it may be guessed and the account compromised.

We don’t enforce complex password rules because we’re trying to be overly intrusive, but because we know that by doing that, our players will be more secure. I suggest you find a password that works within the system and take heart that you will be more secure in doing so.

(I will add that I am not happy with some of my connections, who require upper case, who disallow symbols, etc. I feel as if I am “dancing to their tune” and I’d rather be able to make my own choices — especially when I feel my choices are more secure than those they offer! But in the case of ArenaNet’s protocols, I know the Security Team and I believe their decisions on p/w requirements are very sound.)