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I feel like this patch was the only thing keeping many of us around, in hope of some drastic PvP changes.

You thought the Mists were a ghost town atm? It’s only going to get worse, absolutely nothing that needed to be addressed, was.

I might log on for more that 20 mins a day when ANet hires some different devs.

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5v5 hotjoin alone makes it worthwhile. Thanks, Anet!

It doesn’t just for the simple fact 8v8’s are listed first. Also baddies will always prefer to play 8v8 so they can hide their lack of skill and brains behind numbers of the group.

Go troll somewhere else.

So don’t play 8v8? I know I won’t be. I don’t understand your point in calling what I said trolling. The “baddies” get to keep their 8v8, and people like me get 5v5. It’s win/win.

That’s what we were thinking. Lets people have the best of both worlds. Glad you like the 5v5’s!

We can watch the servers to see which players use more. If 5on5 is seeing more play, we can change the order and put them at the top of the lists. We’ll just keep an eye on it and see what the players gravitate towards.