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I have never seen so much hatred over things that don’t matter.

Afraid you can’t find groups for the dungeon becuase you dont have the right gear? I have run dungeons NAKED. It’s all about dodging. Real elitists of this game understand that, and will want GOOD players, not geared.
Oh you’re not good? Well go find equally scrubby people to group with to take hours and hours to do a dungeon because the good players don’t feel like wasting their time on you so you can be carried. Which should be easy since all the players on these forums are the same way right? Why don’t you all form your own little guild and do the new dungeon together?

Afraid the new dungeon will make you obselete in WvW? Most of the freaking players aren’t even level 80 in WvW. Everyones running in zergs, shut the kitties up about that arguement.

Maybe some people who don’t like WvW are tired of running around killing dragons and Orr bosses over and over so guess what, Anet is giving them something pretty freaking cool to do. What the catkittens are your problems?

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Hello JumblyJebus,
thanks for your feedback.