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Dear Arena Net,

I can hardly contain my deep dissatisfaction with your decision to include Ascended gear and Infusion into your items along with how it was communicated and how the player base was so far addressed on the subject.

My decision pre-purchase your game was based on my deep trust towards you, earned over the years of GW1. Since the beginning of GW2 development you’ve always claimed that you will take what’s best in GW1 and take it to GW2, you were also very vocal and adamant about grind and vertical progression not being a part of your upcoming game.
I’ve played many games and many MMOs over the years and decided that I do not want to play a grindy, treadmill game any more, for various reasons. The most important reason why I bought your MMO in the end was because, on the top of promises to uphold the amazing GW1 legacy, it promised to have none of that.

Your sudden change in philosophy is disappointing, but on it’s own would probably not bring me to request a full refund on two accounts that I have pre-purchased (my own and my boyfriends). Your complete lack of respect and frankly insulting behaviour did.

I would expect from at least you decent, early communication on a change of this magnitude, but you barely spilled a word about it 3 days before the update, after over a month of Lost Shore advertisement. Unfortunately, this fits perfectly into your extremely poor PR since release.
You stayed completely silent for over a day and when you finally addressed the community, Chris Whiteside’s message managed to avoid answers to any of the crucial questions by insulting overall intelligence of your customers and frankly, insulting your most dedicated fans as well.

I’ve learned that, despite my long history with GW1 (feel free to check my account history), my close following of GW2 development, early pre-purchase, active play since day one including a lot of bug and bot reporting, I am not your most dedicated players.

Instead, people who bought the game without even bothering to check what it offers and burned through it without even experiencing the content to whine they have nothing to do now because the game is not like the others are your most dedicated fans.

And on top of that, you will not name it “gear treadmill”, because it’s such a bad word… Yes, naming it “progression” makes it so much better! …

Thank you for adding insult to injury.
You have made an amazing game during the past few years and it’s really sad to see you switch the philosophy that was your winning card so soon.

Best regards,

ArenaNet Poster
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Hello everybody,
there is an existing thread to give your feedback:
please use it so that all of your comments are gathered there and can be easily located.
Thanks for understanding.