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I am only interested in the esport quality PvP, the other aspects of the game do not interest me.

This is not the spiritual successor to GW1. Nowhere has this been acknowledged, nowhere is there the hope that you will someday release a game mode that brings us back to the build variety and creative opportunity of GW1.

You replaced delicate positioning decisions with the downed state and HUGE gap closers on short cool downs on one game mode that discourages such concepts.

You replaced a the funnest rpg healing system to date with your desire to be unique flowers on the mountain meadow.

You replaced deck building with a handful of viable builds for each class with very small variations in preference. This is the most offensive to me, the fact that you in no way captured what made GW1 fun but yet had the audacity to call this game GW2.

Then you launched the game when PvP was far from ready, showing that all your measuring markers were found in PvE instead of PvP.

Go Kitten your kittening kittens.

… though the kitten thing is cute. (I actually typed kitten.)

Even if all you did was admit in some overt way to these awful blunders and say change was comming, but you haven’t. You’ve admitted to the obvious ones, no ladder, no observer mode… but you haven’t come out and said "We Launched based primarily on our PvE? readiness and overestimated the preparedness of our PvP system. So were assigning our special projects team to design a new PvP game mode more reflective of classic Guild Wars 1 style play — meanwhile the base PvP team will be developing some of the fundamental tools and infrastructure needed to have a vibrant PvP experience.

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Hello Ryston.

Thank you very much for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team.