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4 silver is hardly a reward. I can farm Temple of Grenth and fail the event, and with magic find sets you can get about 3-4 rares per event chain or more, with other drops, valuable metal scraps that may give ori.

Salvage, get ectos, sell 20-24 silver for each ecto, sometimes rares can give up to 3. And if the event completes, I have a chance at a precursor.

The solution is not inflating prices of magic find, burdening dungeon groups by detracting stats from groups as magic find substitutes actual stats.

What’s worse, what people hate the most in this game, Mystic Forge gambling, is being put into dungeons as well. Why do you keep insisting on introducing RNG into the game when players already are telling you they detest it? Now your dungeon run MAY be profitable enough if you run with magic find, but it may still not, because it is still RNG.

Why are you not looking at lodestone drops from dungeon chests? Why do champions and bosses not have significantly higher chances at rares and exotics? And why do people need to be suited in magic find to even find the dungeon close to profitable?

A zerg DE with aoe spam should NEVER be more profitable than a dungeon run.

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one of the main reasons we put the tokens in the Wondrous bag, is because of people not always being able to reach the end of the path. We want partial rewards for players, but it has to be at an amount that won’t be abused by just killing the first boss over and over. We hope that 3 will be enough, and if we find it isn’t, we’ll balance it further.
I’ll look into our champion mobs not dropping lot. They certainly should.