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Hi there,

Me and a friend of mine picked a different server. We can meet on an overflow server if we both go to a highly populated area, once we are in the same party, but is there another method?

What if there is no overflow in, say, Lion’s Arch? Am I supposed to look for another?
Also, right-clicking on his portrait doesn’t help (thought this worked in beta).

Just walking to the zone he was in (not in overflow) didn’t help either.

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you need to move to his server or he needs to move to your server whenever possible. Now, we understand that some servers are FULL most of the times but even though, you can still try to join in. You could also choose to move together to a server that it is not so populated. Remember that server transfers are only allowed once per week.

The guesting feature will arrive in due time and will allow you to invite friends from other servers.