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I purchased the GuildWars 2 account from offical website and payment review team treat my transaction was found to be fraudulent in nature. There is evidence inside the ticket that I seriously purchase the account from offical website.
[Incident: 121109-000532]?

The review team give me an answer with “This Guild Wars 2 game account has been permanently closed. In addition to the permanent closure of the game account, the credit or debit card used in the transaction has been permanently blocked in our system. There is no option to have this account reopened or to have the block removed from the game account.”

Is it fair to me? Look like they are going to ignore me. I spent my money to purchase this game and at last I have gotten nothing.

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There is not issue with the billing team. The number of fraudulent purchases using stolen credit cards is very high. We are proactively closing those accounts and issuing refunds. I am confident that if the OP purchased from us, he or she will receive a refund for the purchase price if the purchase was made with a valid credit card.