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After realising that my game client wasn’t asking for my 6 digit authenticator code I got a little worried. At first I thought perhaps GW2 used a method to track members so that only one authentication was required per IP and since my IP had not changed in the last few days I waited, I am fairly confident about my password/security choices even if authenticator was broken so I wasn’t too stressed.
Today I tried unlinking my Authenticator after my IP changed and I still wasn’t asked for any authentication.

Upon removal I re-linked a new authenticator and noticed that the QR Code Scans are still invalid! (Thats been a while now that they have been broken/overlooked). So I manually typed the code instead into my authenticator and proceeded to get a successfull message from the website.

I then re-tested the login for both the game client and this website and both still did not ask me to provide any authentication codes.

In my opinion something is broken and it would be nice if this could be remedied as soon as possible as this is a potential security problem since email verification is automaticall disabled upon linking of the authenticator which is currently not working. This effectively Lowers account security rather than increase it.

thanks for you support.


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The team just made a change that should make it possible to unlink the mobile authenticator. Please submit a ticket if you are still having difficulty.