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Alright, let’s get started off by saying… We’ve been here since day 1 of guild wars. Our guild is one of the more higher leveled guilds of Yak’s Bend server. I understand it may have been deleted for it’s name? Or possible bug? The guild’s name is Afghan Taxi Service. and we had a full guild stash of items worth up to 20g alone and countless man hours into it. I have played 500 hours and i can gurantee 95% were to support my guild and help it grow. Why didn’t we get a chance just to rename it? I didn’t think it was offensive and when I requested to rename it. That feature wasn’t avaliable in gw2.

Why is it in Gw1 we had countless guilds with more offensive names running around without problems? Sorry if this is scrambled. I’m kind of shocked this has happened :/

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, the name was incredibly offensive, when coupled with the acronym or “tag.”

The guild was disabanded, as per our User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. If you decide to regroup, please choose a less-offensive name and be aware that continued use of inflammatory or racist names could result in account termination for those involved.