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Kumu Honua.2751
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I while back I had to have my game email changed. I had to contact support and it took three days for them to update my email.

I have been telling people in this section of the forum the correct procedures when they ask about it since the support knowledge base has 100% incorrect information based on how it used to work before they removed the ability to change the email yourself.

Today one of those threads where another player asked how to change their email was locked by a moderator. This moderator sent me a PM about locking the thread telling me what I need to do in order to get my email changed. Which is great except that I already knew that answer and they should have PM’d the original poster. Not me.

After that however I looked up at the top of the forum where it shows my account name and right under that is my email…

Maybe I am just now noticing it since the PM I received was from a moderator who didn’t even bother to actually read the thread they moderated but the email is the one attached to my account before I spent 3 days getting it changed.

Now I have to question.

How do I change my FORUM email connection. I log into the forum and game with email #2 (The one that my account was correctly changed TO.) but under my name it shows email #1 (The one that I no longer have access to and the reason for the change in the first place.)

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I have asked our “forum guy” for advice on this.