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So this is weird.. I’ve been out of GW2 for about 1-2 weeks, that being I was waiting for the Windows 8 update from Logitech so my mouse and headset would work properly. That issue is now fixed and I can play just as before.

When I logged on today, everything seemed fine until I was about to type a msg in-game, 3 of my 5 used character slots start with the name “Spiritual”, but now that’s only true for two (2) of them. My main character is missing one of the letters “i” in the first name “Spiritual” and its now just “Spritual”- wth happened? All of my other characters names are still what they are suppose to be, and no, none of them have offensive names in any sense. It was the first character I made, and always will be my main, so why has the name changed all of a sudden?

I’d like to get my mains name back!


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If you are certain you typed the name properly at the beginning, can you check to see that everything is ok on your account? I don’t mean to alarm you, and I’ve never known of an account thief to delete a character and rename it, but I thought I’d suggest you check for possible compromise just in case.