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Hello all,

So apparently I was testing out the new dungeon, Fractals of the Mists, and been having a blast with it towards the puzzles, difficulty and mechanics! However, I have quite a weak Wireless connection to the point where too much can cause my connection to crash and the game kicks me to the character creation screen during the Fractals of the Mists.

The problem is when I log back in, I cannot re-enter the dungeon with my group or else it would kick everyone out, including me, to Lion’s Arch thus cancelling their further progress and resetting the dungeon…

I hope this gets fixed somehow where people who get kicked off / disconnect don’t let their group suffer with 1 less person while also cancelling my progression through the dungeon.

Thanks all!

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We are looking into a potential fix.

The Fractals currently use the same technology that the Story Steps do, we used this to prevent players with lower difficulty level unlocked from joining parties in a higher scale; we’ll update with more info when we can.